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Daily checks and regular maintenance

It is important that your vehicle is properly maintained and kept in overall safe condition. Check your vehicle properly before every journey and carry out all maintenance work at the right time. For more information on maintenance, see the Maintenance and Repair section in your user manual. To ensure maximum safety for the driver, we advise you to have all scheduled maintenance work carried out by an authorised specialist dealer. They have specially trained staff and the correct tools, and they use only original spare parts.

The instrument cluster lights up, but the vehicle does not move.
  • Speed control (twist grip) does not work properly – replace speed control. Please contact your specialist dealer.
  • Side stand is folded out (contact switch) – fold the side stand up
The instrument cluster does not light up, even with the main switch switched on.
  • Plug or socket on the battery is defective – replace defective plug or socket
  • Battery is empty or defective – charge or replace battery
Effective range is shorter than the specified maximum range
  • Tyre pressure is too low: check/adjust tyre pressure
  • The battery is not fully charged or is defective – fully charge battery or replace it
  • Stop-and-go traffic, overloading the vehicle, driving into a strong headwind or uphill – drive in good weather conditions, at the same speed wherever possible and on level ground
Vehicle is losing speed
  • Battery voltage is low – fully charge battery
  • Battery is defective – replace battery
Can I add a top box?

YES! The existing handle must be replaced by the luggage rack. (Luggage rack item no: 110180002W, item no: top box 150550001W)

Where can the servicing/repairs be carried out?

Servicing and repair work can be carried out by any specialist garage. We have a mobile customer service system for warranty work. Processing takes place via the DocGreen homepage.

Can the battery be removed for charging?

Yes, it can. It can be charged both on and off the bike.

Weight/dimensions of battery

9.7kg, 23.5 x 9 x 36 cm (W x D x H)

What does it cost to charge the battery?

It depends on the electricity provider. A full battery charge requires 1.248 kWh. A battery charge costs about €0.25.

Replacement battery?

Yes. A replacement battery can be carried in the battery compartment, but the battery must be repositioned in order to connect it. (Battery item no: 130080003W)

Can the helmet be stowed under the seat?

No. That is the space for the battery or batteries

How long does the battery last (charging cycles)?

Approximately 500 cycles, depending on care and handling (to extend the service life, do not allow the battery to run down to below 40%)


2 year vehicle warranty/1 year battery warranty

How long does it take to charge the battery?

approximately 6 hours

Right of return?

General terms and conditions apply